Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I received this Tweet from my dad on Twitter tonight:
memikeyounot: Ok, its time for a blog pics etc.

Last week I received an email from my mom asking if she had to join Facebook to be informed on my life because I haven't blogged much lately.

I may be 27 years old, but reprimands from my parents still get to me, so, alas, mom & dad, here's a long overdue post for you, my two most loyal readers!!

Mostly, life has been busy. A few things I've been up to whilst not posting here:

1. My friend, Sadie, and I are 'training' for the Days of '47 5K, which takes place next Friday in SLC. I say 'training' because we really only walk together two days a week and have only been doing that for two weeks. I've tried to get out every day, even when I go it alone. We push our kids in the strollers (which, incidentally, we have the exact same stroller/car seat system). Yesterday we walked for a LONG time on a local trail so I went back today to our path and walked/jogged it again with Ben's GPS so I could see the mileage. It was 4.80 miles. I'm feeling like if I can do the 5K next week in under 40 minutes, I'll feel proud.

2. We took a quick trip to Levan last week for the Ute Stampede & parade. Ben's grandma was Ute Stampede royalty when she was a teenager and they celebrated 75 years of the Ute Stampede this year, so they had all former royalty members in the parade & rodeo. It was neat. Saturday we spent the day at Yuba Lake and enjoyed boating and playing in the water...until a HUGE storm hit and we were forced to leave. I'll admit I was in a crabby mood most of Saturday so I failed to take any pictures, but here are a few from the day before @ the parade/rodeo:
3. I've made a priority to get some personal reading time in. I can't remember the last time I read something for just pure enjoyment and not for school or for researching purposes. It's been nice to pick up a good book, read during downtime, and finish a few books.

4. Little Man. Need I say more? He takes up the majority of my time, which is totally OK! We've been working on improving naptime, tummy time, and neck stretches. We also introduced his Bumbo chair as well as the Johnny Jump-Up. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves here:The first attempt at the Johnny Jump-Up...well, he had a meltdown and lasted mere seconds. He took a nap, ate, and then we tried again....

Much better!

Look! He's turning his head to the left on his OWN!!! I couldn't be prouder because those stretches are hard!

Tummy time with his head/neck at midline position, a very, very, very good thing!

He's quite the reverent boy, folding his hands to say a prayer...except he keeps his eyes open! HA! Really, this is his curious face (his hands are always doing something like this) as he sits in his Bumbo chair. Each day he gets a little better and even the dog gets in on the fun... licking Erich's feet!

Another new trick: putting his binky in his mouth all by himself, with help from mom, of course. He's done it a few times and gets SO close other times. If he can't get his binky in, he's happy to have a finger or two (or three, or four) in his mouth, too.

And, as always, we end our day in the tubby. You can see that he loves his tubby. It joins two of his favorite things: 1- being a naked baby, and 2. splashing so hard he gives mom a shower. And aren't toothless smiles just the best?

5. Lastly, I have been working on creating another blog. I decided I needed a little change and upgrade from "A Wife's Tale," as I have been blogging here for 5 years!!! I have yet to officially launch my new blog with posts and such, but for your information, my new blog is called "Life Between Naptime. I'll post a link here soon for you to check out.


Darcy said...

Love all the pictures! I am very impressed that you have read a few books!!! I can't remember the last book I read.

Mike, Online said...

I guess I should "reprimand" you more huh? You have to remember that I have no life except work and coming home--so I have to rely on your pictures and updates to entertain me. Heather's doing a good job if we could only get Zach and Hil to upload some new pictures :)

Love ya