Friday, July 03, 2009

sushi picnic

Yesterday Ben was able to have a random day off from work. He probably would prefer to sleep in or get stuff done around the house, but since I prefer to get OUT of the house after being here so much, I drug him out of bed (I let him sleep in until 11!!!!) and demanded that he take me and little man on a picnic to Liberty Park.

I've decided to *attempt* to cut out all fast-food stops in an effort to be more healthy and save money. So, instead of picking up KFC, which would be totally appropriate for a picnic at the park, we stopped at a new drive-through sushi (yes, there is such a thing) joint and picked up a few rolls and some edamame. Then we drove to Liberty Park in hopes that we'd beat the rain/thunder storm that was abrewing.

Erich's nose was chop-sticked by daddy, though he didn't seem to mind.
After being chop-sticked, Erich was content to suck on his fingers, a new favorite.

Little man with the parental units: After we ate, we walked around the water feature at the center of the park called Seven Canyon Fountain. This replicates all of Utah's mountains and the bodies of water the flow from them, as well as the Great Salt Lake and Utah Lake. Ben decided to dip Erich's feet in the water...

...and he didn't care for it too much.
So we packed up and headed home. Little Erich totally crashed in the car!!

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paxtonfam said...

I accessed your blog off of Adrienne's. I can't believe you've been blogging for 5 years! Your little Erich is such a cutie! I love his big blue eyes. Hope that you are enjoying your summer. Hopefully it goes S L O W L Y so that we can enjoy our time before teaching again.