Wednesday, July 01, 2009

little man update

A little man update for those who care:

I've been doing his neck stretches for a week and a half now and there is clearly some improvement. He's not only screaming less during the ordeal, but he's starting to turn his head both ways. This is a huge accomplishment because now he's doing it on his own, not by me forcing him. While this is great for Erich, it makes feeding him almost like watching a tennis match; one minute he's looking left, the next he's looking right, and his bottle bobs in motion, and thus we're constantly moving with him.
Another big thing is that now he often sleeps on the left side of his head, instead of the right, and there is almost equal amounts of bald spots on his hair on both the left and right side (and, speaking of hair, he's shedding!! I found a ton of little baby Erich hairs on his hat that wore yesterday, so sad....). I'm feeling quite confident that the therapist will be pleased with his improvements and that it will just get better from here.

I've made a concerted effort to limit his "device" time (ie, swing, car seat, floor, etc.) and have more often than not had him on his tummy propped up a little by his Boppy pillow. He still mostly despises this, but since we introduced "Naked Tummy Time, " things have gotten progressively better. We had to introduce naked tummy time because of his awful diaper rash/sores. (Have I mentioned that I caved and took him to the pediatrician on Monday for his 2+ week bout of diarrhea & ouchy diaper rash/sores? This visit led to a switch to rice ceral laden formula, a new butt cream, and a HAPPY baby and mom!!) My little man has the skinniest little bum ever, it's just about the cutest thing ever, but I stopped myself from taking a picture of it in fear that my husband would have a total freak out and my son might one day be embarassed because of it.

We also have been practicing sitting in the "Bebe Pod," a "Bumbo"-like infant seat. He's none too sure about this adventure, either. But doesn't he look so cute sitting up like a big man!!!

We've been working on a bedtime and naptime routine. He's doing SO much better with his sleeping...except for when he takes super short naps, as in, not long enough for me to get even one load of laundry folded!! However, just this afternoon, we had some napping success. I picked him up from my grandma's because she watched him while I went to the temple and lunch with some teacher friends. He had just eaten, was a little drowsy, but didn't fall asleep in the car. When we got home, I swaddled him up, gave him a few loves, popped his binky in, and put him in his crib. He fussed for a few minutes, so I went back to sooth him. He fussed again for a few minutes, but then it was quiet. He fell asleep ON HIS OWN in the crib without being in my arms. It may not go as smoothly next time, but it's the small successes like this that help me realize, "I CAN do this!"

Here he is last week taking a mini-nap on the couch while I read. I couldn't bear to put him in his crib once he fell asleep here, so just sat next to him and stared at him. Don't you just love his hand up by his face?!?

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